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"Aether Pledge" (エーテル約束 Ēteru Yakusoku) is a clan from the nation of United Sanctuary. Aether Pledge is a team of alchemists and various creatures made through chemical means to either research, protect, or destroy the world of Cray. Their keyword is Transmute, which requires various cards in the drop zone, bind zone, and rearguard circles to gain effects. Aether Pledge was made by Ryker


Transmute 1/2/3 (Active if there are 1/2/3 or more cards in your bind zone, drop zone, and (RC))


Aether Pledge is a clan who's playstyle primarily focuses around sending units to and back out from the bind zone, whether this be instantaneous or on future turns, as well as gaining effects from that gimmick as well as the Transmute ability, allowing grand power for setting the conditions. This can be used for power gain, multiple attacks, etc.

The "Experiments" archetype work along with this gimmick, but to a less varying degree, and instead have a major focus on having units with different names from one another on your field, and has effects focusing on sending cards of their own kind to the bottom of their deck and having more chaotic effects not akin to the clan itself.


What is Aether Pledge?

There was a group of humans and elves, both warriors, mages, and alchemists alike, who desired to gain a unknown power known as Azoth. They went their own separate way from United Sanctuary, staying within the nation, but worked alone without the help of the other clans. These were the founders of the Aether Pledge sect. The sky was the limit, and they intended to surpass galaxies. They used their combined knowledge by using magic, alchemy, and technology to create and make new discoveries. They had made various artificial lifeforms, through their trial and errors such as Homunculus, Chimeras, and Creation Familiars, the latter being creatures born from components in the world. As time passes they slowly create more beings using what methods they can, slowly increasing those who reside in their clan as they slowly reach towards their end goal: Azoth. 

What are the Transcendent?

Those who have glimpsed into "Azoth", the Transcendants are beings from many races, sizes, and shapes who have managed to gain a glimpse of the true form of Azoth, but couldn't fully acquire it in its purest form. Though they didn't gain it fully, they gained the ability to tap into a portion of Azoth's power. With this they use this strength and power to accomplish their goals.

What is "Azoth"?

Azoth is a universal lifeforce, the ultimate method of transmutation, and known as "God's Power". Many beings beings have sought for many centuries for this power, especially the alchemists of Aether Pledge, as they believe that wielding this power that surpasses gods will create the perfect world. Several beings have glimpsed into Azoth, but none has ever managed to gain the true form of "God's Power".

Who is Tachyos?

Tachyos is a being that has came into contact with Azoth like the rest of the Transcendents, taking the form of a righteous warrior with very few memories, and happens to be the only Transcendent able to maintain a complete material form unlike the rest. With the knowledge of alchemy and a proportion of "God's Power", he resides in Aether Pledge as he fights to keep the balance of the world stable.


Unique Races 

  • Azoth
  • Transcendant
  • Homunculus
  • Creation Familiar
  • Essence Dragon

Shared Races 

  • Human
  • Elf
  • Chimera
  • Angel

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