Cardfight Vanguard X

Cardfight!! Vanguard X is a fan fiction series made by mrd256.

It acts as a sequel to G that takes place 20 years later.

The theme of the story is - "To reunite a family".

The fan fiction introduces a new fan made mechanic known as Soul Drive.

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The story follows the events of a young girl named Alex Shindou, the daughter of the famous Tokoha Anjou and Chrono Shindou, who has mysteriously disappeared. Alex's dream is to become a legendary fighter like her father, so she fights with all her heart, and unleashes her underlying potential with the power of Soul Drive!




Sub Characters

Minor Characters

  • Suburu Morikawa

Returning Canon Characters

  • Kazuma Shouji
  • Taiyou Asukawa
  • Tokoha Anjou
  • Shion Kiba
  • Am Chouno
  • Luna Yumizuki
  • Toshiki Kai

Returning GV Characters


(These are mentally inserted right before the showing of the chapter name (OP) and before the preview (ED), imagine your own sequence for the non-made up ones)

  • Opening Theme 1: ZERO!!! (Devil is a part-timer OP)
    • Artist: Minami Kuribayashi
    • Chapters: 1-14 (ending on Chapter 1)
  • Opening Theme 2: Just Fly Away (Gundam Build Fighters TRY OP2)
    • Artist: EDGE OF LIFE
    • Chapters: 15-??? (ending on Chapter 14)
  • Ending Theme 1: Itsuka Sekai ga Kawaru made (Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet ED)
    • Artist: Riho Iida
    • Chapters: 2-14
  • Ending Theme 2: Eternal Star (Island ED)
    • Artist: Yui Asaka
    • Chapters: 15-???

Sets for the series

Trial Decks

Booster Sets

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