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Forgotten Sea (ブリーズトレント Burīzu Torento) is a clan from the Magallanica nation. The clan is centered around sentient and evolved prehistoric, deep-sea, and mythical aquatic creatures.

There is no leader in this clan; instead, three sub-groups have each claimed their own sections of the ocean. Whilst they are usually on positive terms and intermingling is common, at points in the clan's history there are disputes over territory and power which can lead to infighting, or fighting among the different factions. However, the most powerful group in terms of combat strength and land control are the followers of Impeneton, the mollusca. Impeneton; Impeneton I, as he has various descendants, while being a good ruler at most times, is not only lazy, but also rather cruel and acts to best serve himself and his 'royal' family.



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