This help pages focuses on helping you create a page for your Booster or Trial Deck. This includes Clan, Character, "Collections", and other Boosters. It also helps you in making a Legend Deck page.



These pages use 2 kinds of templates altogether. The InfoBox template and the CardList Template(s). For the Trial and Legend Decks you would be using Template:CardList/TD instead.


The InfoBox Template allows you to create a list in a table like the Main Wikia's pages. You simply name the headers and type in the information.

A base of this would be:

|Box title = 
|image = 
|caption = 
|Row 1 title = Release Date:
|Row 1 info = 
|Row 2 title = Creator
|Row 2 info = 
|Row 3 title = Previous Set:
|Row 3 info = 
|Row 4 title = Next Set:
|Row 4 info = 


The CardList templates are used to create tables that contain a card number, card name, grade, clan, trigger (if applicable), rarity (if applicable), and creator (if the card is a canon card, put Canon, if inapplicable or the creator is unknown, just leave it blank) information, as a row, to a card list table. Basic usage is {{CardList|Card No.|Card name|Grade|Clan name|Trigger|Rarity|Creator}}.

Any parameter can be omitted.

Example of usage can be seen here:

{{CardList|EX1/000|Silent Kill, Saphira|4|Shade Artificial||GR|AxlPrototype}}
{{CardList|EX1/001|Blaster Bullet|2|Royal Paladin||RRR+SP|AxlPrototype}}
{{CardList|EX1/002|Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier|3|Pale Moon||RRR|Canon}}
{{CardList|EX1/003|Bringer of Courage, Julius|0|Royal Paladin|Critical|RR+SP|AxlPrototype}}
{{CardList|EX1/004|Silver Thorn Assistant, Simret|2|Pale Moon||C|Eronan}}
{{CardList|EX1/005|Hopeful Jewel Knight, Aichi|0|Royal Paladin|||Bznboy}}
{{CardList|EX1/006|Rock Blaster, Kei|0|Royal Paladin|Stand||Striker X Fenix}}
{{CardList|EX1/007|Blue Witch, MiMi|0|Oracle Think Tank|||}}

You can see the final version of the above code on the CardList Template page.


This template has the same usage as the above mentioned CardList Template. However, it only works for number, name, grade, clan, trigger, and amount. It does not include any other information. It works the same as CardList, where any parameter can be omitted. The basic usage {{CardList|Card No.|Card name|Grade|Clan name|Trigger|Amount}}

Exxample of usage can be seen here:

{{CardList/TD|EX1/000|Silent Kill, Saphira|4|Shade Artificial||2}}
{{CardList/TD|EX1/001|Blaster Bullet|2|Royal Paladin||3}}
{{CardList/TD|EX1/002|Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier|3|Pale Moon||1}}
{{CardList/TD|EX1/003|Bringer of Courage, Julius|0|Royal Paladin|Critical|2}}
{{CardList/TD|EX1/004|Silver Thorn Assistant, Simret|2|Pale Moon||4}}
{{CardList/TD|EX1/005|Hopeful Jewel Knight, Aichi|0|Royal Paladin||3}}
{{CardList/TD|EX1/006|Rock Blaster, Kei|0|Royal Paladin|Stand|1}}
{{CardList/TD|EX1/007|Blue Witch, MiMi|0|Oracle Think Tank||2}}

Other Content

The other content that may appear on these pages are the Lists of all your Booster/Trial Deck pages at the bottom as well as what the said Booster or Trial Deck features. For example, many Trial Decks include "Includes further support for <Clan>." In their "Contents".


These kinds of pages will only include one kind of Category depending on which Booster/Trial Deck they are listed as:

You may also choose to include your own Category for listing which pages are yours. This may also help admins in sorting through your pages.

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