This page lists all important templates and brief summaries of their usage. All card pages must use these templates where applicable.



Limit Break and Generation Break

| LB = Limit Break number
| GB = Generation Break number

The three templates are built-in with Limit Break and Generation Break. Input the Limit/Generation Break number in "LB" and/or "GB" parameter.

Usage Limit

Do not confuse with "Limit Break".
| Limit = limit number

ACT's Special Timing

| Timing = special timings

In ACT Template only. As per this site's status as fanon wiki, the card mechanics may differ from the real game. This parameter is used to denote the timings that the ability can be used, overriding the main rule that ACT abilities may only be used during the Main Phase.



To denote cost V Series format. Simply input any text in the first unnamed parameter.

CB and SB


Counter Blast and Soul Blast, respectively. These templates have two unnamed parameters. The first parameter is for "charge amount", and second is for "criteria of card to be used so". The template can also be left without any parameter to simply denote variable cost.

CC and SC


Counter Charge and Soul Charge. These templates have only one unnamed parameter for "charge amount", if specified. Or be left blank to simply state the ability itself.

Link templates

To V Series items on this wiki

{{V|target item|display text}}

Link to Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki

{{CF|target page|display text}}

To V Series card

{{CFV|target page|display text}}
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