Kyoko Hinotaka
Character Information
Gender: Female
Alias: Chrome Seraph
Kanji: ひのたか きょこ
Romaji: Hinotaka Kyoko
Age: 18
Birthday: March 12th
Bloodtype: B
Deck(s): Link Joker
Friends: Riku Momoya
Avatar Card: Zero Eclipse, Quasaria
First Fan-fiction Appearance: Cardfight!! Vanguard X
Voiced by: Ryouko Shiraishi (JP, Fanfic)
Cherami Leigh (EN, Fanfic)
Kyoko Hinotaka is a character in User:Mrd256's Cardfight!! Vanguard X fanfiction.

For her original version, see here.


Kyoko is an energetic young woman. She takes a job as a bounty fighter, hunting down and defeating fighters for cash along side her partner, Riku.


Kyoko is cheerful, yet psychotic at the same time. Most of the time, she acts cheerful and arrogant, especially towards men. She shares Riku's hatred for men, and loves the feeling of crushing the men who have done horrible and hellish things, especially against women.

Kyoko harbors great feelings for Riku, going so far as to say they're lovers. The two have been friends for much of their lives, only separated due to an undisclosed incident. This only made their feelings for each other stronger, to which now they fight and protect each other.


Kyoko Hinataka (VGX)

Kyoko is a young woman with long black hair tied in a ponytail with a red ribbon. She wears a black jacket over a blue shirt, a periwinkle colored skirt with white trim, black stockings, and pink boots. She accessorizes with a blue head band.


Kyoko uses a Link Joker deck that revolves around Locking and Unlocking various units to gain abilities.



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