• Hi Bizen, I read that Creeping Hands is made by White Pedestal, as you searched for the image. I know White Pedestal, as they do not seem have interest left in updating the current state of Creeping Hands. Do you mind if I remake some of them into V Series?
    Edit: You might wanna join Discord, plenty of users from this fanon are joining in.

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    • Hi Primuure, I do not mind letting you recreate them for the V series. I had only made the card image for White Pedestal while he was the one who came up with the card abilities and concept.

      In the off chance that White Pedestal contacts you about, I would defer to his opinion about letting you continue remaking his clan. He is the creator of the clan after all.

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    • Sorry for the late update, it seems White Pedestal┬ájust want Creeping Hands to be like that, no remake or similar stuff.

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