• Since your not really number 1! I am ! You're looking at the founder of the Wiki. I am not quick to anger, but when i feel someone  has done me an Injustice it will be a problem, so you while you have a right to free speech. I think you may have more experience, but I am still your senpai. I am no morikawa. Back when I still could play I made many experimental decks and one thing that will never change is my favorite clan is DP(random facts) I made both a general Counter Blast Deck and General Soul Blast Deck. 

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    • You're not number 1! I am the great Morikawa! Bow before my greatness! A real fighter only uses grade 3s!! I could defeat Ren with my eyes closed and hand revealed!! XDD

      I don't think I have done any injustice to you yet. And I sincerely hope I will never do so.

      Welcome back, as you've been gone for a very long time. ^_^

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    • I used to have a female friend on  byond who never revealed her gender I liked to think she was female because of the Nagisa avatar she was using. I was Gokol there. Her other friend who was a girl for sure though she was man. OMG as I was typing this a thought entered my mine? could she be crushing for our mutual friend? Kind of like I wanted them to be themf female for may be a selfish reason? Anyways fill free to check out the edit if you haven't. Because I am interested if you still think it's OP.

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