• For quick reference. That misjudge on card. I admit it wasn't quite what I was thinking in my head, but I edited like a Nubatama/Murakumo or Fanonly Kasumi which is my anti Nubatama and the only clan in my first Anti thesis set so far that is both not in the same nation at it's counterpart, but not an entirely new nation like(Arcane). So shh..please.. I think now that I got it's proper form down it's fair. Please don't blame me for thinking Soul Blasting harder and not just because Limit break is out there making Damage on purpose a better option then before it existed. While there exist Soul Gathering Clans. Death paladin and Arcane are both Soul addicts. Arcane is probably more subtle about it because there bound to have Higher Hand effects like Oracle. My point with these cards when I took back on my first ever project was not to just make Anti Cards, but cards that would make a solid clan of course it's a work in progress Arcane only has it's first rank three. Frankly whether  worked my way up or down I would still have troubles. I am just going down because it's easier on me to do the ones on the top right now.

    and the other thing you did?

    Interrupted private conversation between me and my proxy(hat) who can't seem to figure out how to give me back the powers I used to have and no he has.

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    • Sorry, my bad.

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    • on the bright side you did remind me indirectly that what I was thinking wasn't what I was typing. I failed to think about the Boosting ones.

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