• Hey Bizen, i would like to ask permission to include your "Jinsei" Clan in a project im working on! Its a vanguard visual play and a completely original story. Id like to get some original/ Fanmade clans made by the fandom to incorperate as much into it as possible. Your fully welcome to join me, and direct how it works. youd be given full creative rights involving that clan in the project if you wish. if yes we can work some things out here on skype =D


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    • Hello Tsunar, I would be honoured to let you include "Jinsei" Clan.

      About directing how it works... I'm afraid I don't think I have enough time to fully continue working on my fanon clans, no to mention the dwindling interest of vanguard that I have due to the massive power creep.

      You may feel free to create some of your own cards on "Jinsei" as a result (including Legion and Lock type cards I suppose)

      I would ask that any skill you wish to include could be checked by me to prevent overpowering cards.

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    • Of cource! Youd have full creative controll If you want add me on skype and we can discuss this further =D

      Jonathan. Bryant1992 +D

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