Toshiki Kai
Character Information
Gender: Male
Kanji: 櫂トシキ
Romaji: Kai Toshiki
Age: 42
Birthday: August 28th
Blood Type: A
Deck(s): Kagero
Friends: Aichi Sendou
Kouji Ibuki
Taishi Miwa
Ren Suzugamori
Shion Kiba
Hajime Sendou
Ryuta Katsuragi
Kasumi Miwa
Team(s): Team Q4 (formerly)
Team Q4 Neo
Avatar Card: Dragonic Overlord, the Legacy
First Anime Appearance: Cardfight!! Vanguard
First Fan-fiction Appearance: Cardfight!! Vanguard X
Voiced by: Takuya Satō (JP)
Ryan Luhning (EN)
Toshiki Kai is a main character in Cardfight!! Vanguard, and a legend in the Vanguard world. This article focuses on his X version (20 years later).


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Kai is a serious person and doesn't like to joke around like other people his age. He doesn't talk much or to anyone. When cardfighting, he is shown to be more serious and confident on winning the game without any need of support. Despite his selectively mute personality, he has a best friend, who is Taishi Miwa.

In the G series, he is more friendly and he doesn't seem to be as serious as he is seen smiling more. However, it seems he still secretly blames himself for the Link Joker incident.

In the X series, he reverts back to his serious ways, knowing most of his friends have retired from the professional scene, and he is the last of the legends still actively playing the game.


Toshiki Kai (X)

Kai is a middle aged man. His hair used to be a light brown, but it has turned mostly gray in his old age, and he has grown a scruffy beard. He wears a black shirt under a light brown jacket, blue jeans, and brown shoes. He also wears a pendent around his neck.


Kai uses his standard Kagero deck, the clan which made him famous, and he uses a brand new version of his old friend, Dragonic Overlord, the Legacy.



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