If you have anything to say or ask, just leave a message on my message wall. If I do not respond in time, please remind me again, or you can check me on discord.
Also, don't mind that big number of edits, I tend to edit my pages a lot to get it right or perfect. In such case that you want me to do fewer edits (in case recent wiki activity full of my edits), just remind me.
This fanon wikia accepts and allows any users to edit. However, there are regulations. For such: Do not edit or reference someone's page(s) without permission. I would appreciate it if you ask for permission first, even though what you are trying to do is to help.
Format Rulings: (Only applied to my fanmade clans)
  • You are not allowed to combine cards between V-Series and G-Era cards in a deck.
  • Cray elementals and nation-clan cards are not available for V-Series and G-Era.

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