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Clan Nation Gift Mechanics Theme
Guardian Force (V) United Sanctuary Protect Defense, guardian circle Steel-clad legion
Ayanami (V) Dragon Empire Accel Attacking the opponent's rear-guards Ship dragon navy
Jishin Dragon Empire Force Maintaining rear-guards, anti-control Geokinetic rebels
Interstellaris (V) Star Gate Accel Creating and manipulating circles Galactic federation
Cynet Arsenal Star Gate Force Ability manipulation Powered armor
Night Hunter (V) Dark Zone Accel Anti-vanguard control, weakening units Vampire hunters
Black Heaven Dark Zone Force Manipulating opponent's damage zone Fallen angels
Magia Covenant Dark Zone Protect Order manipulation Mages and witches
Deep Thought Magallanica Protect Hand and deck control, mill, stealing Undersea horrors
Frost Regiment Magallanica Protect Draining resources, punishing attacking Winter survivalists
Primal Roar (V) Zoo Force Power, extra gifts, high-grade units Beast tribes
Gale Mirage (V) Zoo Accel Deception and bounce Fairy air force
Nexus Guardians All All Having multiple vanguards Inter-clan alliance



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i Season 4

Cray i Clans


  • Binary (Link Joker, copies the tactics of Blasters and Overlord)
  • Blackthorn (Neo Nectar, resource denial and replacing the opponent's units with plant tokens)
  • Blue Steel (Gold Paladin, heavy multi-attacking and superior calling)
  • Iron Heart (Angel Feather, permanent self-damaging for massive effects)
  • Luminus (Great Nature, sacrifices rear-guards to vanguard)
  • Suppressor (Link Joker, anti-meta and tech)
  • Three Blades of the Empire (Dragon Empire)
  • Warring Tide (Aqua Force, heavy grade 3 focus, retiring and card advantage)


Unincorporated cards

i season 1

i season 2

i season 3

i season 4

i Aftermath (V Series)

Project Volcanica

Section 1

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Section 4




Messiah/Gyze dichotomy (Cray i story notes)

Messiah Gyze
Creation Destruction
Stasis and passiveness Change and activeness
Chaos (keeping the world in the same chaotic state) Order (changing the world to an orderly state)
Light Darkness
Forgiveness and redemption Judgment and condemnation
Harmony and rebirth Severance and death
Optimism and idealism Pessimism and cynicism
Powered by positive emotions Powered by negative emotions
Truth Ideals
Genderless deities
Feminine Masculine
Treated like plot devices rather than characters with feelings and motivations
Accepts being treated like a plot device Rejects being treated like a plot device
Beloved by canon Demonized by canon
Accepts being treated as a distant deity Wants to be treated as a friend and equal
User switches to using this unit from a different deck in the same clan
Plot involves accepting redemption Plot involves cutting toxic people out of their life
Mentor to the protagonists One of the protagonists
Messiah is distant to the user,
only sending them vague visions occasionally
Gyze is close to the user,
actively offering friendship and advice
User is male User is female
Driven mad by the demiurge to erase a version of Cray
Brainwashed to believe Cray is purely good Brainwashed to believe Cray is purely evil
Alpha Dragon Zeroth Dragon
Champions are established characters Champions are new characters
Enters a clan from the outside
Adopted a new clan (Link Joker) Adopted by an existing clan (Gold Paladin)
Allies are newly created creatures that obediently serve their creator Allies are previously existing people with their own history and motivations
Playstyle involves changing the states of a large number of rear-guards on the vanguard swing
Lock and unlock (keeps a unit on the field) Call and retire/remove (removes units from the field)
Clan focuses on locking opponent's rear-guards;
Messiah locks your own rear-guards
Clan focuses on calling allied rear-guards;
Gyze forces the opponent to call rear-guards
Aggro playstyle in a control clan Control playstyle in an aggro clan
Primary boss unit One of many boss units

Unincorporated effects

G unit abilities

  • [ACT](VC)1/Turn: COST [Counter Blast (1)], search your deck for two cards, and reveal one of them. Your opponent chooses one of the cards. Put the chosen card into your hand, return the other to your deck, and shuffle your deck.
  • [ACT](VC): COST [Turn a card from your G zone face up, and [Rest] this unit], and draw ten cards.
  • [ACT](VC)1/Turn: COST [Turn a card from your G zone face up], retire all rear-guards, you and your opponent discard all of the cards from your hands, and until end of turn, your units cannot attack.
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