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  • I was born on August 10
  • My occupation is As an editor, local tech guy for wiki I'm on.
For the card with the same name on the mainspace, see "The Manly Battalion's Leader, Kai".
The Manly Battalion's Leader, Kai
CTVSleeveNormal English The Manly Battalion's Leader, Kai
Kanji 漢気師団団長、海
Kana おとこぎしだんだんちょう、かい
Romaji Otokogi Shidan Danchō, Kai
Thai ผู้บังคับกองพันลูกผู้ชาย, ให้[1]
Card Type Normal Unit
Clan Etranger
Race Human
Grade /
3 Sk twindrive Twin Drive!! / Force
Power / Critical 11000 / 1

I am many things, my guest. But here, I am Bureaucrat.[2]


[CONT]: I'm always watching the site, even without actual contributions.
[CONT]: I am the owner of the Fanon Wikis' Discord Server.
[CONT]: 04:37 UTC, 2 January 2019. My adoption request has been fulfilled.
[CONT]: I own a bot named NumbersBot.

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  1. My original name is in Chaozhou Chinese, written with that character.
  2. Darkseid
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